Non Human But Human XVII


67 × 46.5 cm
26.38 × 18.31 in
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"Non Human But Human XVII"

Original drawing by Wu Hsichi

"This piece is from my Caged series back in 2014-2015. The humanoid figures, the mountains and the clouds are not distinct. It was during this period that I struggled with difficulties and constraints in life, and it was reflected in my work. The human body depletes and deteriorates gradually every day.

I believe that the mind and body are two separate entities. I believe that the body poses a burden to the mind, yet this burden is required for the body to exist. Without the body, our minds can truly experience freedom. In our daily lives, we are shackled and bound by many cages. This is due to our desires, our wont to a bountiful lifestyle and materialistic culture.

We can choose to live a simple life, discard all the unnecessary shackles that complicate one’s life as most things are unnecessary. This realization came to me during that period of 2014-2015, but most people cannot forgo those desires, ergo continuing to live in a prison. My work during that period reflected my realization and opinion of the world."

Hsichi uses crayons to connect to his memories of childhood, letting him find purer and more innocent creation experience. This shows how he still examines himself at the age of 50, and also how, he has developed a brand-new visual language.

Thick oil pastels repeatedly rubbing against paper retain dense lines showing the artist’s emotions on the texture of the paper. Magic compositions present the thought of the artist warning of the existing state of humans, which serves as fables.

The paintings have rich and lively styles. Their steady colors lead us to a more profound language of atmosphere in which the lines link everything togehter. Characters and scenery in the pictures are controlled by these lines, so they only look with their intangible expressions.