The Human Ridge X


97 × 67 cm
38.19 × 26.38 in
28.000 DKK
14 dages fuld returret
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"The Human Ridge X"

Original painting by Wu Hsichi

The natural landscapes, such as vast sky, sea and mountains were disassembled into lines and surfaces by the artist, the harmonious coexistence of these different elements has not obliterated their own characteristics, however, at the same time, the paintings seem to reflect that the stunning sceneries were caged by the technological signal lines created by human beings.

Hsichi uses crayons to connect to his memories of childhood, letting him find purer and more innocent creation experience. This shows how he still examines himself at the age of 50, and also how, he has developed a brand-new visual language.

Thick oil pastels repeatedly rubbing against paper retain dense lines showing the artist’s emotions on the texture of the paper. Magic compositions present the thought of the artist warning of the existing state of humans, which serves as fables.

The paintings have rich and lively styles. Their steady colors lead us to a more profound language of atmosphere in which the lines link everything togehter. Characters and scenery in the pictures are controlled by these lines, so they only look with their intangible expressions.